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Up in a hive in that tree over yonder, The Queen Bee has a decision to ponder. Winter is coming, and the hive is congested to decide who can stay, all bees will be tested! The Queen shall ask questions, and then she will see which of her bees answer most identically.

Those who match answers, with thinking aligned will prove they can stay within the Hive Mind!

In Hive Mind, players are bees who take turns rolling the die, moving the Queen Bee along the garden track, and asking and answering questions to assess their compatibility with the hive. 

Each bee is trying to prove they should stay in the hive by thinking in harmony with the other bees. They do this by answering questions the same way as their fellow bees. The more answers they have in common with other players, the more points they get! Bees with the lowest point totals move closer to the hive door. When one or more bees leave the hive, the game is over. The bees remaining in the hive win! 

  • Ages 8+
  • 3-12 Players
  • 30-90 Minutes Playtime


  • 300 question cards (1800 questions)
  • 1 Game board 
  • 1 Queen Bee token 
  • 12 Bee pawns 
  • 3 Hive Gates 
  • 12 full-sized Hive Mind pencils 
  • 1 Hive Mind notepad 
  • 1 two-minute timer 
  • 1 Game rules

Game Design:   Richard Garfield

Artwork:  Andrew Hepworth

UPC:   845866001163

Dimensions:   9.4" x 9.4" x 2.9"

Weight:   2.7 lbs

Publisher:   Calliope Games

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While you're here, please take a moment to read a little more about us that makes On The Table Games unique!