About Us

Hi, I'm Adam, and I opened On the Table Games in 2017.  

It should be a prerequisite for anyone opening up their own board game store to tell you that they love to play board games - and of course I do!!

But what I really love more than just the game itself, is the experience of sitting down with friends, trying something new, and enjoying the escape into a different world for a while!  How else can you travel through time and space, take on entire new personas, fight epic battles, or just trade sheep without leaving the kitchen table?

This is what led me to open up this store, and hopefully this is just the beginning!  

Why would I start a board game store exclusively online?  Well, like all great things, a Friendly Local Game Store isn't built in a day, and comes with a lot more overhead than this humble site!  I know we're starting small, but we're adding new products all the time, and in the short time that we've been open, we've increased the number of titles in our store over 1000%!!

All the same, I'm not just adding everything I can find.  I'm also looking for games that are a lot of fun, and offer a lot of value through re-playability.  Please check out some of my favorites while you're here!

Until the day we can open up shop in the physical world, maybe think of our store as a different kind of crowd-funding campaign!  Every purchase you make here helps us get closer to that goal!

While I may not always have the absolute lowest price on a game, I try to add value for everyone with free shipping on all orders, and our new loyalty program, Level Up! Rewards, as a way to earn even more discounts!! I really am more interested in sharing what I enjoy than just making a buck!

So, a heartfelt thank you for stopping by, and happy gaming!!

On The Table Games is located in Greensboro, NC.