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In the 17th and 18th centuries, merchantmen sailing under the English flag dominated the seas and international trade. The Navigation Acts restricted foreign ships from partaking in the trade between England and her colonies.

Richard Arkwright was one of the English inventors and businessmen who developed the first advanced machines (e.g. the Spinning Jenny and the Water Frame) and founded early factories. The goods produced in this manner were highly regarded in both the old country and by the Englishmen living in the colonies.

The Industrial Revolution has brought the opportunity for you to establish your manufacturing company and earn hefty profits serving the growing demand. Hire workers, build machines, modernize your factories, develop innovative technologies, and produce and sell your goods throughout England. Careful planning and outsmarting your competition will allow you to earn the most valuable stock portfolio in Arkwright, a game of economic strategy and skill.

  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 14+
  • 2-4 hours playtime
  • 1 Large game board
  • 1 Special markers mat
  • 4 Factory mats
  • 4 Harbor mats
  • 120 Bills
  • 1 Start player token
  • 2 Timetable indicators
  • 4 Neutral importer markers
  • 80 Workers
  • 50 Machines
  • 40 Goods
  • 2 Competition award markers
  • 4 Share value indicators
  • 8 Bonus markers
  • 16 Price indicators
  • 16 Distribution markers
  • 16 Quality markers
  • 16 Appeal indicators
  • 64 Factory markers
  • 28 Action markers
  • 16 Contract markers
  • 17 Event markers
  • 36 Economy markers
  • 28 Advanced action markers
  • 51 Development tiles
  • 10 Ships
  • 2 Rule books
  • 1 Player's book
  • 4 Player aid

Game Design:   Stefan Risthaus

Artist:   Harald Lieske

UPC:   864562000201

Dimensions:   8.75" x 12.38" x 3.75"

Weight:   6.4 lbs

Publisher:   Capstone Games

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While you're here, please take a moment to read a little more about us that makes On The Table Games unique!